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This page is dedicated to our friends and neighbors in the area. For those who are not familiar with Southwest Michigan, it is not only a beautiful area because of Lake Michigan, but also is blessed with an area where we can grow almost anything. Farm stands for fresh vegetables and produce, fruit orchards, breweries and wineries abound. Below are a few of our closest friends and businesses in our geographical area. Find out what they have to offer when you visit the area or if you would like to offer a special outing for your guests. Questions? We are here to help.

Private Wineries

Wyncroft Winery Estate | wyncroftwine.com
Appointment required - highly recommend

Local Dive Bars & Old Time Supper Club

​The Pullman Tavern | 269-236-6264
The What Not Inn | whatnotinn.com | 269-543-3341

Local Wineries & Breweries

Recommended Area Restaurants

South Haven